Strange behavior with JavaScript


There are numerous occasions where JavaScript behaves strangely.

I love the frameworks written on top of javascript but do not prefer to write code in javascript.

Please find below cases where javascript behave differently:

Scenario 1

As shown below, see addition and subtraction.

11+1     //12
'11'+1   //111
11-1     //10
'11'-1   //10 //What is hell? right?

Scenario 2

JavaScript is very loosely concerning data types.

let name="Sukhpinder";
console.log(name); //Sukhpinder

Scenario 3

I was overwhelmed with the event loop because JS does not merely execute code from top to bottom, waiting when interrupted.

function add(a,b){
  return a+b;
//One parameter missing it wont work
add(3); //Nan
//One parameter extra don't care
add(1,2,3); //3

Scenario 4

Not only data types, everything is designed very loosely coupled in JavaScript.


Scenario 5

Imprecise operations in Javascript, the same problem can be seen in other programming languages like Python.

console.log(!![])     //true
console.log([]==true) //false

Scenario 6

It does not know what to say about below, which is entirely illogical.

let empty=[];
console.log(empty[0]);       //Hello
console.log(empty.length);   //0

Overall, JavaScript is more accessible to write because for several reasons. On the other hand, JavaScript makes you feel insecure, as described in different scenarios above.

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