Is Google making fun of Apple?


Apple recently launched a set of new features and improvements on iOS 14. The latest iOS version also carried some features that were long due, and have been accessible on Android for ages now. Google choose this time to take a dig at iOS 14’s widget feature.

Google’s Twitter account ‘Made by Google’ shared a tweet with the caption.

“Wait, we’re talking about home screens now? Here’s ours #Pixel4a.”

Wait, we're talking about homescreens now? Here's ours #Pixel4a — Made By Google (@madebygoogle) September 18, 2020

The tweet doesn’t specify “iOS 14 or Apple”, but the secret message is quite apparent. Along with the tweet is an image of the Pixel 4a’s home screen. There’s also a calendar widget on the home screen with two events teasing Apple for introducing widgets on iOS 14 now.

The events titles were:

  1. “Realize we’ve had widgets 4ever.

  2. Tell World.”

iPhones did support widgets, but on iOS 14, you can customize these widgets, and likewise append them to the home screen. Google has also launched its Search widget on iOS 14 with two new designs.

These widgets can be attached anywhere on the screen giving iPhone users customization options with different sizes like small, medium and large so you can pick the information density that’s right for you.

Apple has redesigned widgets for:

  1. Weather

  2. Clock

  3. Calendar, Maps

  4. Fitness

  5. Photos

  6. Reminders

  7. Stocks

  8. Music

  9. TV

  10. Tips

  11. Notes

  12. Shortcuts

  13. Battery

  14. Screen Time

  15. Files

  16. Podcasts

  17. Siri Suggestions

This is how widgets look like in the new update.

Thank you for reading.

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