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Edit multiple lines of code at the same time

Tip 1: Box Selection

Let’s take an example of the following class with integer properties and apply box selection to update int to, let’s say, double at one shot.

public class Test {
 int x = 10;
 int y = 20;
 int z = 30;
 int l = 40;

Shortcut Key: “Shift + Alt + down arrow (to select multiple rows).”

Isn’t it great..!!

So the box selection works with all types of file extensions like “.cs” or “.html,” etc., in Visual Studio.

Example: “.html” file

Tip 2: Convert excel sheet data into class objects

Let’s take an example of the following excel data

Firstly, implement a class with columns.

public class Excel{
 public string Name;
 public string Age;
 public string City;

Live Demonstration

Utilize box selection to convert excel data into class objects. I find it useful for developers.


  1. It saves a lot of time.

  2. Better than copy-paste.

  3. Hence it is more productive.

  4. Works with all file extensions.

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